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Black and Brown Theatre Company
Denise Caston-Clark

Black and Brown Theatre is a non-profit theatre dedicated to creating opportunities for theatre artists of color and their communities through live performances, recorded content, music, workshops, and literature.

Black and Brown Theatre Company

Darcel Deneau
Kaleigh Blevins

Kaleigh Blevins is an artist living and working in Detroit, whose work examines the way Black identity is shaped in America, and the effects of this experience. In her work, familiar images are distorted to illustrate the state of uncertainty and isolation many Black people exist in. She recently received her BFA in Painting from Wayne State University. Her work has been exhibited across Metro Detroit and in New American Paintings magazine.

Kaleigh Blevins


Vespre (pronounced ves-purr) is a singer-songwriter from Detroit who describes her genre of music as “soul gaze.” Her R&B influences such as Anita Baker and Sade and her early love of techno show in her work create a rich, soulful, almost ethereal sound. Her songs “Back to Me” and “things we want to know” can be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music. To learn more about Vespre, check out her website,, or her Instagram: @VespreSounds.

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