MetroArts aims to bring awareness and promote up-and-coming artists of all disciplines in the greater Metro Detroit area. MetroArts features artists from the Metro Detroit area that have been successful and continue to thrive in their respective disciplines.

MetroArts is a television program that features artists in and around the Metropolitan Detroit area representing the disciplines of visual, performing, and communication arts. Our aim is to bring awareness to up-and-coming artists as well as support those artists whoʼve worked their entire lives in the Metro Detroit area by being arts advocates and taking an active role in their communities.

MetroArts is made possible by support from Wayne State University & Detroit Public Television


Miranda Bryant (Host)
Aya Sheikh (Floor Director)
George Elkind (Technical Director)
Joel Rakowski (Lighting Director)
Alexis Collis (Producer)
Jasmine Jenkins (Producer)
Emmitt Lewis (Producer)
Jordan Prisby (Producer)
Slone Terranella (Editor)
Min Li (Editor)
Ria Stewart (Editor)
Jack Filbrandt (Camera Operator)
Rishi Gudduguriki  (Camera Operator)
Jalen Washington (Camera Operator)
Maria French (Audio)
Maxwel Bourgeois (Audio)
Kim Piper-Aiken (Director)
Gary Cendrowski (Tech Supervisor)


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For all press inquiries, please contact:

Kim Piper-Aiken

Tel: (517) 862-7417