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Faith Sheffield & Jon Chapdelaine
Denise Caston-Clark

Faith Sheffield is a Bachelor of Fine Arts dance student graduating from Wayne State University in 2023. She grew up as a gymnast and began dancing as a teenager. Her background is in gymnastics, and a 200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certification, which influences her movement and perspective of performance. Faith has been working closely with Shaina and Bryan Baira MVMNT PHLOSPHY where she studies dance theatre.


Jonathan Chapdelaine is a third-year Wayne State University student studying for his dance Bachelor of Fine Arts. With a born desire to create artistic expression, Jonathan has studied many forms from dance, visual arts and construction. Jonathan has trained with Joffrey Chicago, Grand Rapids Ballet, Eisenhower Dance Detroit and Bryan Baira MVMNT PHLOSPHY.



Darcel Deneau
James Boyk

James Boyk is an artist based in Livonia, Michigan who studied at The College of Creative Studies in Detroit. James earned his bachelor’s degree in art from CCS and has been working on his unique drawing, painting, photography, and “found” art pieces for several decades. Boyk has created several collections of his art in sketchbooks which he makes by hand. James's sketchbooks are works of art themselves as they feature his unique style and craftsmanship. His work has been archived in a digital collection of thousands of other artists in a project called “The Brooklyn Art Library” which features his original work. James also features his work on Instagram and is aspiring to have an exhibition of his art soon.

The Fox and the Fiddle

The Fox and the Fiddle is a Detroit-style country band that anyone can groove to. While country music might not be everyone's type of thing, they are not just a farm-type band. Made up of the duo, Austin Scott and Emily Joy, The Fox and the Fiddle is truly fun no matter what type of music you love. If a cover of a popular song with a "tinge of twang and a folky edge" sounds strange to you, you should certainly check out The Fox and the Fiddle. The idea of it may sound kind of off now, but once you listen, you will quickly understand why we are all so excited about them.

The Fox and the Fiddle

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