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Kolomeyka Dance Ensemble Detroit
Denise Caston-Clark

Kolomeyka Dance Ensemble Detroit is a Ukrainian dance group that performs both locally and nationally. The group is involved with Metro Detroit’s Ukrainian community, and hosts camps and events for Ukrainian youth.


Darcel Deneau
Nate Sweitzer

 Nate Sweitzer is a Chicago-born Illustrator who attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. His work places an emphasis on figurative drawing, textural mark-making, and visual storytelling through conceptual solutions. He specializes in book illustration, editorial illustration, and poster design. His work has been awarded and featured by 3x3 Magazine, the American Illustration Awards, the Society of Illustrators, and the One Club for Creativity. His clients include the L.A. Times, Starcut Ciders, the Detroit Pistons, House of Vans, Park-Rite Detroit, Full Set Society and They Changed the Game.


Nate Sweitzer

One Exit Down

One Exit Down is an indie rock band that fell down from outer space and landed in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Donned in their space suits, this five-piece band comprised of Jacob Assell on Lead Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Kevin Teller on Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals, Kurtis Hansen on Keyboard and Backing Vocals, Richie Chunko on Bass Guitar, and Joshua Scott on Drums create danceable indie rock tracks complete with catchy vocal harmonies and energetic guitar riffs. One Exit Down released their debut album “Exit 1: Luna” in November 2022.

One Exit Down

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