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Impulse is a K-pop dance group formed of Wayne State students. Formed in 2019, their diverse group of performers dance to songs by artists like BTS and TWICE. If you want to learn more about Impulse, check out their Instagram: 


James Honeycutt

James Honeycutt is a husband and father of three sons. James always enjoyed sketching and doodling as a young man. In recent years, he has turned to drawing as an outlet to cope and escape from the emotional challenges and impact of his son’s substance abuse.

James now uses his drawings to share happiness with family, friends, members of the community, and many others. For each person portrayed in his drawings, he sees their unique features and what is important and meaningful to them. James believes every picture tells a story and that every person is more than a picture.



Riot Course

As ferocious and raw as they are sensitive and polished.

Riot Course brings a spell-binding blend of alternative punk, emo, and shoegaze with their new record “Skin Deep”, released November 9th, 2022. They currently perform at places around Hamtramck, Detroit, Ypsilanti, and Ann Arbor.


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