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TeMaTe Institute

The TeMaTe Institute for Black Dance and Culture, co-founded by Ajara Alghali, advocates for dance justice and cultural equity. The Institute is dedicated to preserving the history and growing the community of Afro-Diasporic dance. The organization goes beyond teaching dance; they spread knowledge, culture, and history, and provoke thought, criticism, and accountability regarding the language surrounding classical African dance.

TeMaTe Institute

Lois Teicher

Lois Teicher is a Detroit- based professional sculptor. Teicher is known for her large-scale steel designs. For over 35 years, Teicher has displayed her sculptures in hundreds of exhibits, winning awards for her art, such as the Maas Prize, the Michigan Governor's Award for Lifetime Achievement, and the Sign Beam at Scarab Club. Teicher specializes in site-specific sculpting for display in public and private spaces, in areas such as the Michigan Legacy Art Park, the Bishop International Airport, and college campuses such as the College of Creative Studies.  Detroit's Scarab club honored Teicher in their 2019 exhibition: Lois Teicher: Woman of Steel. To view more information on Lois Teicher, visit,

Willa and Noel

The lead vocalist and drummer from Valerie the Vulture. Valerie the Vulture is a Detroit-based feminist garage rock band. They formed in early 2020 before the pandemic. Their aesthetic is grit, grime, growl, and sweetening (but never softening).

Valerie the Vulture

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