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Grupi Krenaria
Grupi Krenaria.png

Grupi Krenaria of Albanian Roots is a new Albanian folkloric dance group based in​        

Michigan, with dancers Melisa Marku, Mario Marku, Elizabet Vulaj, Mark Dedvukaj,

Klaudia Brucaj, Lorena Jakupas, Romeo Jakupas, Rio Capollari, Kristian Bojaj, and Suzy Gojcaj. Their group has a strong focus on including everyone from every region and religion in Albania.They have performed across the metro area at weddings, parties and festivals. In New York, they were also the first to represent all of the Detroit Albanians at the Albanian Roots parade and also performed at the 29th Albanian Festival. For more information visit,

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Victoria Shaheen
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Victoria Ashley Shaheen is an artist that was born and raised in New Jersey, but now has brought her talents to Detroit and the metro area. Getting her BFA from Corcoran College of Art and Design, and her MFA from the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Shaheen’s work comments on hierarchies, social systems and more.


Ohly is an indie folk act, fronted by and named after lead singer/songwriter Christian Ohly. Based in Detroit, Ohly brings elements of Americana music, enlisting the help of banjo and violin. Ohly’s self-titled debut EP was released in October 2017.

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