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Cameron Cinematics
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Devin and Bryce Cameron are siblings who both have a passion for the art of writing and directing films. Devin received his BA in Film Production from Grand Valley State University and went on to obtain his MA in Screenwriting from the Institute of Art & Design in Ireland. Meanwhile, Bryce earned his BA in Secondary Education English from Western Michigan University. They seek to tell unique stories through their company, Cameron Cinematic.

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DeAnn Wiley
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Born & Raised in Detroit. DeAnn has been painting, self-taught, for four years. She started with acrylic paintings but gained popularity once she began painting graduation caps and her own cap went viral on social media for its strong activism message about Black Women’s liberation. She is an advocate for social justice, as she sits at the intersection of many identities: Black, Woman, Queer & (Dis)Abled, and stand in solidarity with those communities that she is not a member of. DeAnn is currently in graduate school for Counseling Psychology, with a strong belief of the need for more black women in the field. When she I’m not painting, she’s learning, growing, healing and each phase of her journey can be seen through her art. For more information visit, or

Kisma Jordan
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Not many people can front a jazz ensemble, sing Strauss’ Four Last Songs, lead a hip-hop band in the streets of a sidewalk festival, and perform contemporary songs of their own composition. But Kisma Jordan can. A voice of immense versatility characterized by The New York Times as a “shimmering soprano voice”, the Detroit native has enjoyed many performances ranging from appearances with Lyric Opera of Chicago and Michigan Opera Theatre to collaborations with electro music pioneer Derrick May and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, keeping one foot in the classical world and one in the club.

Her multifaceted career arose upon being named a Kresge Artist Fellow in Music, after which she was inspired to push the conventions of classical voice through the idea of integrating Operatic vocals with soulful music. Through her project, Beyond Classical: OperaSoul, Kisma seamlessly navigates the worlds of the Classical voice and hip-hop simultaneously, charting a new pathway as a singer, songwriter, and producer. 

Beyond Classical: OperaSoul will premier in Detroit during the fall of 2020. 

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