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Candida the Poet
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Càndida the Poet, also known as Candace Cavazos, is an activist and performance poet from Southwest Detroit. As well as being a poet, Candace is the Executive Director of BLOOM BODIES, an organization that helps the community through poetry and other educational resources. She released her first book of poetry in September of 2019, titled, “Waiting on God.”

Since the taping of this episode, Cavazos has been named co-director of BLOOM BODIES.

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Mint Artist Guild

Mint Artists Guild is a Detroit-based nonprofit that teaches business, career and life skills to teens while helping to grow their businesses. Mint aims to grow teens into savy artists who

thrive and give back. Their main programs are the Learn and Earn program, Summer Creative Jobs and Paint Detroit with Generosity. All are meant to help the young artists grow, network and teach skills such as productivity, generosity, business and engagement.

Who Boy

Who Boy is making big waves in the great lakes state and beyond. What was initially a three piece synth pop band has blossomed into a five piece creative powerhouse. Taking influence from Motown and MGMT alike, Who Boy creates songs that, like surgical staples, are designed to stay stuck in your head. 

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