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Scott Kuefler
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Scott Kuefler is a chainsaw artist, woodcarver and sculptor by trade from Chesterfield, Michigan. He started his chainsaw career in 2001. He is a national and international award-winning competitor. He has traveled all across the country and has had his trade take him as far as Japan. He does demonstrations for events and has passed the trade onto his son as well. He shows his passion for his work through every sculpture he creates.

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Mula Films

MULA Films is a full-scale production company that produces high-quality films. Based in Detroit, Michigan, MULA Films uses the city to create the backdrop for its films. MULA showcases a range of stories, from comedy to drama, and it has commercially released five films—Plug Love, 2Eleven, Five-O, Buffed Up, and Birthday Behavior. Released in April 2019, Birthday Behavior is MULA’s most recent film. MULA also 

offers a variety of acting and screenwriting classes to educate local talent and to help prepare them for future employment in the industry.

Play the Odds

Play the Odds, previously known as Blue Spectrum, is a five-piece rock band from Warren, Michigan. In 2018, they competed in Oakland University’s Battle of the Bands and won an opening spot to perform for Nick Jonas at the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre

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