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CMAP Detroit

CMAP Detroit Is a Detroit based performance art group who performs shadow puppetry and other forms of puppetry. Their goal is to provide a forum for contemporary puppetry, multimedia performance and artistic exploration in Detroit.

Audra Olivia

Audra Olivia is a whimsical painter who experiments with acrylic paints on canvases and other mediums. She showcases her art around many local craft fairs and exhibits in South East Michigan. In 2019, she displayed and sold her art at Dally in the Alley.

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Up All Hours

Up All Hours is an alternative rock band from Woodhaven, Michigan. The band does a great job of blending different sounds together to make something truly unique, taking influence from the notorious 90's/early 2000's alternative rock sound from bands such as the Foo Fighters and mixing it with the catchy melodies of pop punk acts today.

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