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Marquette is an artist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer and activist born in Detroit. Her powerful pipes are matched by insightful lyrics on her debut EP Cloak & Dagger, which was released in 2019. In addition to her own artistry, Marquette is avid about music education. She teaches music at The School of Rock. She also aspires to host fundraiser/benefit concerts in schools, promoting literacy, higher education, and career planning. She’s also a talented athlete, but turned down numerous tennis scholarships to attend the Detroit Institute of Music to pursue her passion.

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Jeff Gaydash
Jeff Gaydash.jpg

Jeff Gaydash is a fine art photographer based in Auburn Hills. Michigan is a deep source of inspiration in his work. For about ten years, the photographer has captured its lakes, refineries and abandoned buildings. His work is marked by the use of long exposure technique. But above all by his passion, art photography in black and white. His pictures have been rewarded several times through exhibitions and awards.

Mawtini Dabkeh Troupe
Mawtini Dabkeh.png

The Mawtini Dabkeh Troupe was started by Mahmoud Abuqalbain. The troupe consists of 15 dancers who perform traditional Dabkeh and Zaffeh processions at Arabic weddings, festivals and ceremonies. Abuqalbain says that they travel all over the United States and Canada representing the Middle Eastern culture. Abuqalbain, a Wayne State University graduate in 2018, works as a project engineer to help build the Anthony Wayne Drive Apartments and STEM Innovation Learning Center.

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