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Ètto Valli

Ètto Valli, also known as Otis Davis, is an award winning singer and songwriter with a background in theater and a lover of Detroit's very own Motown. He is the recipient of multiple Detroit Spirit Awards. Valli released his debut single, Moonflower, in September of 2019. 

Trae Isaac

Trae Isaac is a Detroit based artist who blends his unique art style with his entrepreneurial nature to create his successful Trae Isaac brand. His artwork has been featured on murals and across the internet to large praise.

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Motor City Irish Dance
Motor city Irish Dance.jpg

Motor City Irish Dance is a Rochester Hills-based Irish Dance school that teaches dancers of all ages traditional and modern-style Irish Dance. They offer classes for dancers ranging from age three to adults. They are performance-focused and try to emphasize the enjoyment of Irish Dance. Along with their dance academy, they also have Motor City Irish Dance Company, through which their dancers can perform at a number of events, ranging from weddings to charity fundraisers to cultural shows.

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