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Mosaic Youth Theatre
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Centered in Southeast Michigan, Mosaic Youth Theatre offers hundreds of youths from more than fifty Metro Detroit schools the opportunity to perform on stage. Rick Sperling founded the theatre in 1992 to address gaps in the education for young Detroiters. Today, the theatre offers mentoring, training, and other programs for the area’s young actors, singers, and stage technicians. Mosaic teaches its youth how to cooperate with one another in order to create excellence on both the stage and in everyday life.

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Armageddon Beach Party

Armageddon Beachparty is the fluid collaboration of the married, Detroit native Artist duo Kozma & Motu. Creating contemporary pop surrealist Art together since 2013, their work often explores ancient cultural & spiritual beliefs from around the world as well as the realms of the subconscious, life & love. They've created a conceptual ever evolving narrative for the ethos for their Art, often exploring both abstract & character driven concepts through a wide range of paintings, murals, sculptures & art installations utilizing acrylics, inks & various found materials. Their Art has been exhibited Nationally at both Galleries & Festivals around the country and is part of numerous private collections in addition to a brick & mortar gallery - The Armageddon Beachparty Lounge - dedicated to their Art in Detroit


Desires is a Metro Detroit rock band. Channeling the sounds of contemporary emotive hardcore bands like Being As An Ocean, La Dispute and Hotel Books, Desires combine spoken word segments and harsh whirlwinds of whimsical, intense instrumentation to create something that truly speaks to the listener’s soul. 

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