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Elaine Marrero

Elaine Marrero is the owner of Troy dance studio, she is also a performer,choreographer, dance instructor,event promoter and even a world class salsa dancer!  At her studio she has themed nights, a lot which include salsa nights, like salsa Wednesdays, and 2nd Saturday social salsa.  She teaches multiple genres of dancing including American smooth style, standard international style, and authentic styles which include, belly dancing, break dance, pop lock, hip hop ,and more.  Youths, adults, and seniors all welcome to join.

Nicholas Mackey

Nicholas Joseph Mackey is a local actor, performer and producer.  Before his beginning his career in film, he acted, sang and danced in dozens of plays and musicals.  Nicholas has several projects in the works and is someone to keep an eye on.  His star is definitely on the rise. You can find out more about him by accessing his IMDB profile.

The Static Dial

The Static Dial is a four member band with an indie rock base. Some of the bands music incorporates elements of reggae, African and Mediterranean flavors especially their 2012 single "Move Along." The groups' band members are all from Detroit but all bring varied backgrounds adding to their musical variety.

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