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Magenta Giraffe

Director, choreographer, teaching artist, actress and dialect/accent coach Frannie-Shepard Bates, is the Executive Artistic Director for the non-profit, Magenta Giraffe Theatre. MGT uses the transformative power of theatre to build, unify, and educate people within their communities. They provide opportunities to learn throughout their vast programs that are active all year round.  Some of the programs include: a Playwrights Group, a Shakespeare in Prison Program, a REVOLVE Detroit Improv Series Group, and an active crew of performers who put on plays throughout the year. 

Gary Eleinko

Received his M.A. in painting from Wayne State University, Gary Eleinko is a lifelong resident of Detroit.  He has shown in galleries and venues all over Michigan.  Presently he is on the board of the Detroit Artists Market, and resides in historical Corktown.

OttO Vector

Voted "Best Indie Band" 2013 by The Los Angeles Times, local music sensation OttO Vector is making waves coast to coast.  With their unique brand of electro-pop, this five-piece band comprised of singer/lyricist Renee Miller, keyboardist Mike "Sonic" Glaser, guitarist/keyboardist Andrew "Ginseng" Lemanek, bassist Dan Lee, and drummer William Daviddi has been dazzling audiences for the past ten years, recently playing such illustrious venues as The Warped Tour and Toronto's North By Northeast concert.  Their new album, No. 9 North, produced by Chuck Alkazian of Pearl Sound Studios in Canton, represents OttO Vector's evolution, embracing their electronic element and a more "organic" sound.  "Charlie Mix," their hit single from the last album, 14 N. Cedgwick, has an award-winning video shot in Detroit's own Compuware building.  OttO Vector may be going global, but they remain true to their Detroit roots with hope for its ever-brightening future.  

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