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Gilda Snowden

Gilda Snowden is a Detroit based Painter and Art Professor at the College for Creative Studies. She utilizes expressionist and abstract styles and has exhibited locally and internationally.  Gilda is also a Kresge Art Fellow and a Wayne State Alumni.

Crystal P.

Crystal P. is one of Detroit's premier comediennes.  She's earned numerous accolades and awards with her fearless, quick-witted comedy and attitude.  From HBO to the Fox Theatre, she's done it all.  A don't miss performer.

Spit: Detroit

Spit: Detroit is a hip hop web series. The show features rappers from the Metro Detroit area and showcases their skills. With sounds by DJ Bleek to back them up, rappers have a few minutes to show the audience what their about before host, Row yells out "SPIT"!

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