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Albert Young

Albert Young is the owner of Michigan Hot Glass, a 4,000 square foot studio space located in the Russell Industrial Center. Albert Young has been a respected glass artist and teacher in Michigan for nearly 20 years. He joins us on MetroArts to discuss his past work as a sculptor and glass blower as well as talk about the opportunities for students and the classes he currently teaches at the Russell.

Chaula Thacker

Chaula has be an accomplished dancer and choreographer of the classical and folk dances of India and has own over 100 awards for her choreography. In 2006, Chaula directed multicultural show “Nations in Rhythm Detroit for the Super Bowl XL! She owns her own studio called Nandanta in Southfield, Michigan.

Autumn Wolf

Autumn Wolf is a band not just about Electronics they have a wide variety to add to his style, including guitars, a live drum kit, bass, and even add a sampler.  Some say his style is that of a hybrid mix of genres, that some people have written as him being ahead of his time.  Feel free to browse his website for a better feel of his type of music, he has also released a album in early 2013 called "Primal Passion".

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