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The Detroit Flyhouse

Detroit Flyhouse is a circus school operating in Detroit’s eastern market area.  Founded in 2008, Detroit Flyhouse offers circus skill training in a variety of different arts.  All of the teachers are professionally trained aerial acrobats that not only teach, but help create a thriving, artistic community.

Oscillating Fan Club

The Oscillating Fan Club have returned with their 3rd (2nd for Bellyache) full length LP. Produced by OFC vocalist/guitarist Ray Thompson, basic tracks were recorded with Jim Diamond in Detroit at Ghetto Recorders and finished off with some sweetening help with Scott Masson (Office, Glossies) at Track F*ckers Studios. The new LP features 12 tracks that find OFC treading new territory with their fuzz driven psychedelic infused “creep pop”. We can’t help but say this LP is a major step forward in overall songwriting & production for the guys and is their best work to date!

Blackcat Poetry

Cheryl M. English, a long-time resident of the metropolitan Detroit area, has traveled as far as Singapore and Turkey, only to return to her childhood dancing grounds. Having earned a BA in Art History from Michigan State University and an MA in Art History and Archaeology from Cornell University, she realized she much preferred making art to dissecting it. A life-long autodidact, Cheryl first began her ceramics studies with Gene Pluhar through Grosse Pointe Community Education. Taking advantage of Mr. Pluhar’s classroom at Grosse Pointe South High School, she reveled in the pleasures of propane torches, sand blasters and drill presses while investigating the potential of slab rollers, extruders and the wheel. Cheryl’s work is a reflection of her “other” passion: gardening. As an Advanced Master Gardener (certified through Wayne County Extension), her abiding interest in things natural – and indigenous – is reflected in her whimsical creations. Cheryl’s work has been featured in The Detroit News Homestyle Section. Contact Cheryl at

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