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Bridget Sullivan

Bridget Sullivan is an emerging fashion and costume designer from the Detroit area. Her eco-friendly and sustainable clothing has not only gained the attention of the Huffington Post, Glamour Magazine, and StyleLine magazine, but also Grammy-award winning musician Esperanza Spalding. Esperanza wore Sullivan's one-of-a-kind designs in five countries and three continents while performing on her world tour. Bridget's past work has included being a corset-maker, tailor, and embellishment design intern in New York City for Diane Von Furstenburg. 

Joe Mazzola

Joe Mazzola is a guitarist, songwriter, music educator and visual artist, probably best known as a founding member of the American rock band Sponge.  He currently teaches at Berkley Music, in Berkley, Michigan and has recently branched-off into the world of art as a three-dimensional artist and sculptor.  Using reclaimed and recycled materials he set-up a studio in his East English Village home and his company Eastworks Detroit was born. His art can been seen in a variety of Detroit galleries and art events.    

Doc Waffles & Eddie Logix

Eddie Logix is a producer, engineer, and sound Master who has been all over the world but chose to come to Detroit and continue his education here. Eddie met Doc Waffles (the Rapper) here and began writing and producing music together and since then have been making hits after hits. One of their most recent songs they produced and wrote together is "paintings of cats".

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