Ballet Edge Detroit

Ballet Edge Detroit, founded in 2017, is metro-Detroit's newest ballet company. Under the artistic leadership of  Angel Lavery, the Company blends classical ballet with an edgy, current style to appeal to the metro-Detroit community. Ballet Edge Detroit believes that all people, from dance experts to patrons with little exposure to ballet, will be able to relate, connect with, and enjoy their artistic work. The Company produced and performed in Electric at the Redford Theatre, was featured in John Sobczak's The HeArt of Detroit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, and was invited to perform at the Governor's Service Awards at the Michigan Opera Theater. Ballet Edge Detroit hopes to inspire the next generation of dancers by making ballet accessible, relatable, and innovative. 

Adnan Charara

Adnan Charara is a Lebanese-American artist who has lived and worked in the U.S. since 1982. With an unquenchable thirst to create since he was a child, he drew, painted, sculpted and assembled his way from Seattle to Boston to Detroit, where he currently makes his artistic home. Adnan works in multiple mediums with several ideas at a time, treating his studio practice like a detail-oriented factory. His hard-working dedication is masked, however, by his whimsical and humorous treatment of serious subjects. Adnan resides in Dearborn, a quick drive from the Cass Corridor neighborhood that houses his studio.

Forge the Sun

Forge the Sun is an original progressive rock and pro cover band from Southeastern Detroit. Originally formed in 2019 as The Nine, the band strives to create unique music that pulls inspiration from many different genres and eras of music, merging nuance and nostalgia.