Dolores Slowinski

Dolores S. Slowinski, a long-time resident of Detroit, has a BFA in weaving and ceramics from Wayne State University. Her artwork explores the use of thread as line in the form of hand-stitched drawings on paper and other materials. Slowinski’s work has been included in international, regional, and local exhibitions as well as being included in local and international print and online publications.

Karissma Yve

Karissma Yve is the Founder and CEO of Gildform, an on-demand platform for powering ideas, working with brands to create jewelry products from concept to creation using 3D technology, software and innovative manufacturing solutions. The Gildform Way enables fashion brands to start, scale, and optimize their jewelry products by marrying digital and human technology. Karissma facilitates self-expression to allow for a greater sense of human connectivity in an ever-globalizing community by reducing friction in jewelry-making processes.

Karissma leads Gildform through the Pandemic, successfully growing its business while adapting to the restrictive economic climate and fostering development while adhering to her personal objectives of social responsibility.

She has received myriad accolades including “Best in Business” from the Detroit Economic Growth Motor City Match; “Best Idea for Growth” from the New Economy Initiative; “Best Pitch” from Google sponsored Black Girl Ventures; and Semi-finalist for the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund. Karissma is partnered with GoDaddy, Instagram’s @shop, Backstage Capital’s Accelerator program as a 1st Cohort and Portfolio Company, as well as a Hustle Fund Portfolio Company. She currently sits on the Innovation and Automation Subcommittee for the Michigan Fashion Council.

Reginald Hawkins
Reginald Hawkins.png

In combining late 20th-century house sounds with explosive pop beats, pop artist Reginald Hawkins creates a soulfully rich, harmonic soundscape that can only be described as a melting pot of ingenuity. Reginald Hawkins isn’t confined to a single genre; they are a genre. Growing up between Detroit and the suburbs, Reginald got a unique take on the world by experiencing major juxtapositions in the world around them. This can be heard in their discography that resonates with a myriad of communities, sexualities, and cultures.

Reginald advocates for people to use their voice and be unafraid in their endeavors. They encourage their listeners to live authentically and embrace their truth whole heartedly. Reginald is primed to drop their debut EP in late summer of 2021. This project is filled with propulsive pop jams that genre bend to create fun, edgy tracks that inspire others to be creative, stand up for what they believe in, and love themselves unconditionally.