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Lance Kawas
Lance Kawas
Lance Kawas.png

Lance Kawas is a director and writer, known for Good Thief, Apartment 213 (2022) and Silent War (2022). Before beginning his film career, director Lance Kawas wrote more than thirty screenplays and received nineteen national screenplay competition awards. It took eight years. With this, he then started selling/optioning his scripts.

Paul Erlandson
Paul Erlandson
Paul Erlandson.png

Paul Erlandson is a self-taught painter who has been working in oils since 1989. His art is figurative, sometimes focusing on scenes in which secular and sacred collide, often with jarring results. In all cases, he seeks to reveal the invisible, spiritual world by rendering elements of God’s visible creation.

His painting Ever Love won Best of Show at the 2012 South Oakland Art Association “Art at the Museum” show. He has participated in five exhibitions at Detroit’s Scarab Club.

Prism Men’s Chorus

PRISM is truly the product of the talents, dedication, hard work and love of music of many contributors. That is our greatest strength – every contributor is a “founder”. In 2016, friends—Jeremy Adams, Michael Champagne, Bradley Hamilton, and Dylan Walker—decided to form an acapella singing group, “The Unicords”. While the newly formed Unicords rehearsed, Michael joined a local theatre group and began working on a production being directed by Randall Wrisinger. Over many conversations it was clear that they all shared a love of music and performing. The thought of combining their talents, vision, and passion, excited everyone. The four friends asked Randall if he would be interested in joining them in the creation of a new men’s chorus—and the idea of PRISM was born.

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