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Virtual Dance Collaboratory
Virtual Dance Collaboratory Jessica Rajko

The Virtual Dance Collaboratory is a student-lead, undergraduate dance collective that creates original screen dance and digital media content for live dance performance settings. The collective was created in 2020 as the dance area grappled with the reality of a majority remote academic year. Emerging from the pandemic, the Virtual Dance Collaboratory fosters a creative space where students across all four academic years can come together to process, dialogue, and craft digital media dance work about, in, and of the present moment.

The Scarab Club
The Scarab Club

Located directly behind the DIA, the Scarab Club is a thriving community arts center with a hundred-year history. Best-known for hosting nude painting sessions and having notable guests sign the beams-- guests including Walter Murch, Diego Rivera, and Norman Rockwell, along with many more artists and political actors. The Scarab Club also had an empowering change in leadership, previously an all-male social club, now led by a nearly all-female board and staff. Their current goals include an emphasis on reflecting the community with representation.

Singer-Songwriter Retrospective
Singer-Songwriter Retrospective
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Join us as we look back at some of our favorite Singer-Songwriters in our Season 11 Retrospective!

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