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Wendell Harrison
Wendell Harrison
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Wendell Harrison is an award winning jazz guru who is known all over the world as a world class jazz clarinetist, saxophonist, composer, recording artist and a jazz entrepreneur. Determined to record his own music and control his own destiny in the music industry, Wendell teamed up with trombonist Phil Ranelin and founded Tribe Records, an independent Black jazz record label.


Wendell formed a non-profit organization known as Rebirth Inc. which provides programs for the community by presenting concerts, workshops, master classes. Wendell has garnered many awards which most recently include the 2021 Jazz Journalist Award, 2018 Kresge Eminent Artist Award, 2021 New Music USA, 2020 Chamber Music USA to for his works as a cultural warrior and hero.

Bailey Scieszka
Bailey Scieszka
Bailey Sciezska.png

Bailey Scieszka lives and works in Detroit.

She holds a BFA from the Cooper Union in New York City. While she attended Cooper Union, Scieszka first encountered the work of Jack Smith (1932–1989) a New York filmmaker, photographer, and actor who had a pioneering influence in experimental filmmaking and performance art. Her time with professors Dore Asheton, Mike Essl, Sharon Hayes, J. Hoberman, and Walid Raad have influenced her current practice.

Much of Scieszka’s work emerges from the mind of her alter-ego Old Put, a demonic-shape-shifting-alien-clown whose works include performance, video, painting, and drawing, and of which are layered with reference to popular culture, ranging from wrestling to politics.

Christina Liedtke - Astouri

Christina Liedtke is the Founder, CEO and Creative Director of ASTOURI. Christina’s innovative approach pushes the limits in design and the imagination. With an extraordinary eye for curating beautiful details and style with exquisite fit and drape, Christina has spent almost 20 years in fashion design and also in corporate strategy in the beauty and fashion industries. As a previous owner of her luxury women’s clothing business, Christina understands the importance of making women feel beautiful and complimented in their apparel and accessories by providing the right fit, fabrics, and fabulousness.

Inspired by women's empowerment and the communities we are a part of, ASTOURI designs apparel and accessories that showcase your community pride with, feminine and functional style. ASTOURI dreams to go beyond the basics and let our designs tell their own stories. The communities around us are filled with inspiration, fluidity, and beauty, and our collections are designed to bring the same inspiration to your own individual style.

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