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Oliver Ragsdale, Jr.
Oliver Ragsdale Jr
Oliver Ragsdale jr.png

Oliver Ragsdale, Jr. has unwaveringly led this organization since the inception of the Arts League of Michigan / the Carr Center in 1991.His main focus over the years has been for the organization to provide world class arts programming and educational opportunities to the Detroit community.


Originally incorporated as The Arts League of Michigan, Inc., The Carr Center has become one of the leading organizations to present African American arts, in all disciplines, in the country. The center is named for the late Virgil Carr, an arts advocate and community leader, who was the former President and CEO of The United Way of Detroit.

Melodic Nocturne Dance Tribe
Melodic Nocturne Dance Tribe
Melodic Nocturne Dance Tribe.png

Melodic Nocturne Dance Tribe is a contemporary jazz funk dance company founded by Devon Campbell (Uri Mercury) January 19th, 2009, making Melodic the longest running (non-collegiate) dance company in Michigan, 2nd only to the Legendary HardCore Detroit. Melodic

has dazzled stages all over the United States brandishing a style director Uri lovingly calls "Perfunctory". Melodic is big on giving back and has worked with numerous organizations that fund relief for: Lupus, HIV, Cancer, and prevention of Domestic Violence. Melodics’ primary objective is to inspire dancers all over, and encourage the next generation to Blaze their own path, despite what's popular or trendy. Welcome to the Midnight Carnival

The Accidentals
The Accidentals

The Accidentals are a female-fronted folk indie folk-punk band, combining Americana lyrics, pop, melodies, and punk energy. Multi-insturmentalists, Katie Larson, Sav Buist, and Michael Dause tour 200+ shows a year and Pop Matters call them “one of the best live performances you might see in a lifetime”. NPR saya they are “some of the most compellign songwriters of our time” and Texas Lifestyle magazine called them “young, powerful, and undaunted”.

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