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Tap Dance Detroit
Denise Caston-Clark

Founded by former Radio City Rockette Denise Caston-Clark, Tap Dance Detroit + Performing Arts Center is a destination for dance, offering daily drop-in classes for all levels from beginners to professionals. We cultivate individuality and talent to the joy, hard work, focus and abandon of dance. The Caston-Clark Tap Dance Foundation is dedicated to preserving and advancing the art form of tap dance through education and performances

Darcel Deneau
Darcel Deneau

Darcel Deneau is an accomplished mosaic artist in the Detroit area. In 2002, she graduated from the College of Creative Studies and has been creating and exhibiting art ever since. Using glass and other objects, Darcel makes large-scale mosaics in her downtown art studio. She’s won multiple prestigious awards including a Kresge Arts Fellowship, hosted many exhibitions, and received recognition in many publications for her art.


In a long-form interview with RnB in the D, Kynzi was referred to as a “Triple Threat” highlighting her abilities with not only singing and songwriting but also arranging. Kynzi learned how to wield her gift of song, ear training, and music theory early on at a collegiate level. The 21 year Detroit native effortlessly incorporates her teachings into her music in the form of melodic yet rhythmic, entrancing vocals and occasional self-composed string arrangements to accompany those vocals. Her music is thought-provoking and validates emotions and actions that are usually deemed taboo or “not nice.” She expresses herself not only lyrically, or in her delivery, but in the soundscapes she creates. What you hear, outside the words and how she’s singing them, is how she feels. In her upcoming project “Choices”, Kynzi indulges in raw creative freedom, abandoning the need for constant perfection as an artist.

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