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Beulah Cooley

Beulah Cooley has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. She’s seen trends come and go but has maintained a consistent presence in the industry. From having her designs displayed in the Black Art Museum in New York City in 1994 to being named a Detroit Fashion Icon at the Detroit Thank You Awards in 2016. Cooley has been a staple in Detroit’s fashion scene since she moved here in 1977. She was awarded the Spirit of Detroit award in 2004 for her many accomplishments. Recently, Cooley has expanded her business by opening a showroom in the city.

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Diamond Symoné

Diamond Symoné is an urban contemporary artist, creative director, muse, blogger and culture enthusiast. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Arts & Entertainment Administration in which she has had a number of leadership roles throughout her undergraduate career including but not limited to: Creative Director, Social Media Specialist, Graphic Designer, Project Manager, and Marketing Coordinator for several organizations. In addition to fulfilling these roles, she has also had the opportunity to work with artists and brands such as Chadroto, Necole Dash, Greg Smith, Jarae Yvonne, Model Workshop and Not Pressed. Establishing Diamond Symone Visuals, LLC in 2018, Diamond has created a lane of her own as a creative millenial. Her latest pieces may be found on display at Riverside Art Center in Ypsilanti, MI, and The Gamer's Gallery in Hamtramck, MI.


Hala, named after frontman Ian Ruhala, is a band from Detroit whose mellow pop-rock sounds have brought in over 242,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The band’s 2018 album Spoonfed has gained traction on the Spotify-curated playlist “Bedroom Pop,” awarding their song “What Is Love? Tell Me Is It Easy?” with nearly 3.5 million plays. Hala often plays shows around Michigan with fellow local musicians, but they have also ventured across the U.S. to play in festivals and other shows. You can learn more about the band here:


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