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Vuhlandes is a photographer and videographer born and raised on the west side of Detroit. His photography captures the uncensored side of Detroit he grew up seeing. Vuhlandes’ style is a contrast of the gritty subject matter with the clarity of his pictures. He is a versatile artist and has partnered with brands, companies, and artists from all over the city on projects that have been featured in local and national publications. In 2018 Vuhlandes released a documentary called “Sticks & Stones” that allows viewers to get a peek into his creative process and learn about the message he is trying to send with his photography.

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Tiffany Rene Dance Company

Tiffany Rene is a dancer and choreographer making an everlasting mark on the entertainment scene. Her passion for dance began at a young age and has since evolved to her formation of the Tiffany Rene Dance Company in 2013. This includes other Metro Detroit dancers who perform and travel with her showcasing a variety of hip-hop styles of dancing. In 2018, Tiffany Rene and her company participated in two major dance competitions called World of Dance and War Zone where they placed 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Jonathon Muir-Cotton

Jonathon Muir-Cotton is a young musician attending Wayne State University for his bachelor's in jazz studies. Jonathon is a double bassist and performs jazz and classical music as well as many others. His mentors include Detroit bassists such as Rodney Whitaker and Robert Hurst. He has traveled near and far performing at festivals, some of Detroit’s great venues, Cliff Bells and Bert's. He has played with many great musicians such as bassist, Esperanza Spalding as well as being selected as a bass player for the All-American Disney College band for a summer. He's currently working on four different albums with other artists that will be getting released soon.

Jonathon hopes to travel the world with his music and become an educator to other aspiring musicians.

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