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Reel Clever Films
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Reel Clever Films is a small, independent, and full-service film and video production company that puts emphasis on the art of visual storytelling. The company is currently based in Metro Detroit and was founded by husband and wife filmmaking duo Thaad and Eden Sabolboro.


Eden is a senior producer and creative director for Reel Clever Films. She has starred in over 20 independent shorts including internationally-acclaimed feature film “Ang Damgo Ni Eleuteria.” Reel Clever Films allows Eden to venture into producing, screenplay writing, and directing.


Thaad is the director of photography for Reel Clever Films. He has dabbled in freelance cinematography and post-production work for short films before starting the company. His short film “Cardiac” showcased as an Official Selection for the Detroit-Windsor Film Festival.

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Shaina Kasztelan

Shaina Kasztelan is a metro Detroit based artist. Kasztelan has exhibited artwork in a variety

of settings, from homes to streets to galleries and museums, questioning how art is viewed in

different contexts. Her work explores themes such as feminism/identity, internet youth culture

and American consumerism.

Allen Dennard

Allen Dennard is a trumpeter, composer and bandleader born and raised in Detroit. He started learning his instrument at the age of 9 in school. He then pursued jazz studies at the University of Michigan. After graduating in 2018, Allen Dennard released his first jazz EP, Stepping In and was listed in the Metro Times 2019 Bands to Watch.

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