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Black and Brown Theatre

Black and Brown Theatre is a non-profit that produces full-length plays, showcases of ten minute plays, workshops and readings to give artists of color a platform to be seen and heard.

Patrick Ethen
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Patrick Ethen is a Detroit-based artist and designer who works with light as his primary medium. Exploring the role of handcrafted objects in the digital age, Ethen uses meticulously wired arrays of light to create mesmerizing installations which envelop the viewer in a meditative and immersive aura. 

Patrick creates physical objects because he values real world experiences and phenomena. Receiving light, he describes, is a visceral experience that impacts people emotionally. He aims to pull on these strings in all his work. 

Patrick’s work has been previously seen at various events including Detroit’s Movement Electronic Music Festival and Murals in the Market and at galleries including PLAYGROUND Detroit, David Klein Gallery, and the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts.

Watch Full Episode:
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APLUS is a Detroit-based singer-songwriter duo made up of sisters Antea and Anesha Birchett. They released their album Pride Liberty Detroit in 2018, but they are also known for working with artists like Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Ciara, Mary J. Blige, and more. They also have credits on the Grammy Award winning Album of the Year titled H.E.R. for the song “Gone Away.”


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