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Ballet Folklorico de Detroit
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Ballet Folklorico De Detroit is a Detroit based dance ensemble who dedicate their time, passion, and talent to showcase traditional dances in an effort to preserve Mexican culture and traditions through dance. Ballet Folklorico De Detroit offers dance lessons to adults and children that wish to grow in the Mexican Folkloric Arts.

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Luke Mack
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Oil painter and College for Creative Studies graduate Luke Mack is a Detroit-based artist who portrays stories in each of his pieces using, “beautiful images with bold compositions.” Mack says he is inspired by local graffiti and fashion, but his artistic style is founded in realism. He also dabbles in digital creation, as well as sculpture, which Mack says he hopes to explore more in the near future. You may have seen Luke Mack’s work featured in SEEN Magazine or at Playground Detroit, where he was hosted as a resident artist. 

Drinkard Sisters
Drinkard Sisters Photo (Sarah Stawski).j

Bonnie and Caitlin Drinkard, better known as the Drinkard Sisters, have been performing in Detroit for more than ten years. They say they are influenced by the Louvins and Everlys

brothers and define their style of music as Cosmic Americana. The two sisters released their first album, “Enough Already”, in October 2018. They are often accompanied by other musicians such as Dan Clark, Ryan Harroun, Nick Landstrom, Pete Ballard, Warren Defever and Craig Brown.

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