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Center for Performance Art and Learning

The Center for Performance and Art Learning was founded in 2017 with a focus on celebrating cultural diversity though artistic forms. They focus on 4 art forms such as dance, music, art, and creative expression. There are weekly classes for students of all ages and experience levels. Nandita Bajaj, the cultural ambassador at Cen4Pal focuses on bringing the community together by exposing the students to different cultures. Gary Elfner, the business manager, oversees that day-to-day operations of the company. 


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Levon Kafafian

Levon Kafafian is a Detroit fiber artist best known for his weaving. He turns his weaving into visuals by engaging in space between elements and tries to discover the relationship between identity, culture, nature and place. Kafafian is the co-director of the Fringe Society and is currently working on a project called The Stitching Hour. He has a BFA in Crafts: Fibers and a BA in Anthropology. 


Shortly is an indie-pop project lead by Detroit native Alexandria Maniak.  With over 10,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Shortly has had success with a number of singles including “Matthew” and the first EP titled “Richmond.” Shortly has also been on tour with Mom Jeans and The Wonder Years, and made their homecoming with a performance at Detroit’s own MoPop Festival in 2018. Currently, Shortly resides under Triple Crown Records but has continue to expand by collaborating with other Detroit-based musicians such as Flint Eastwood.

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