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Senghor Reid

Senghor Reid is a painter and filmmaker who develops his work from culture, social sciences, and the natural enviornment. Reid received awards from the Board Certification in Visual Arts, Governor's Award for Emerging Artist, and was the recipient of the Kresge Arts in Detroit Visual Artist Fellowship Prize. His work has beenn displayed in galleries and museums nationwide in both pulic and private art collections. 

DeVante Ebo

DeVante Ebo is a stand-up comedian from the Metro Detroit area, also known as, ‘DeBo the Comedian.’ DeVante’s comedy comes from things in his own life. Struggles with early racism as a child, stories from his childhood as well as impressions. DeVante performs at local comedy clubs in the area.

Native Howl

The Native Howl is your band to watch this year. The bluegrass/rock group’s story started in 2013, when singers and guitarists Alex Holycross and Jake Sawicki opened as a duo. As their band grew, they experimented with their sound, becoming a group influenced by rock, bluegrass, folk music and more. You can hear their eclectic sound not just in the Metro Detroit area, but all over the nation.

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