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Johnny Flynn

A graduate of Eastern Michigan University, Johnny Flynn was the winner of the 2015 48 Hour Film Project with his film “A Lab Rat Tale”

F.X. Corcoran

Francis Xavier (F.X.) Corcoran works in all media, and found that not being tied to traditional art forms is his saving grace. He does not go by any textbook conformity of art discipline. He does not like to be tied down to what is expected, but rather the unexpected. He is not beholden to what he learned, because he was never taught. He found that his favorite media revolves around a 3D format. He likes his creations to come to the viewer. As if, coming out of the picture frame.

Raven Love & The 27s

Self-described as a "bluesy glam grunge group, the Detroit-based Raven Love and the 27s is composed of four band members- Raven Love on vocals, Ashton Hopkins on guitar, David Baker on bass and Jax Phillips plays the drums. The group has two albums- American Damozel and their most recent, Shameless.

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