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Emily Walker

Emily Walker is the creator of the "Nyna Noir Collection". Her designs have been featured in multiple runway shows and have been featured in articles from USA Today, The Detroit Free Press, and E !News and more. Currently Emily works with the NBA (National Basketball Association) as a seamstress for the Detroit Pistons dance team. 

Robert Sestok

Detroit visual artist Robert Sestok creates more than one type of art form - and creates them well! Known for works such as his City Sculpture park in the Cass Corridor, Sestok deconstructs metals and welds them into standing abstract sculptures. Sestok, who has been a working artist in the Cass Corridor art community since the 1970s, is also known for his street art, which includes ground and wall murals. According to his website, Sestok says he is influenced by the surroundings of daily life.

Nadir Omowale

The thirteen-time Detroit Music Award winner and former MTV correspondent has established a successful career centered around his musical versatility, limitless creative energy, and fine technical knowledge. In addition to his own solo work, Omowale has engineered or produced an array of projects in a variety of genres, from EDM, underground resistance, and jazz. To hard rock, blues, gospel, alt-country, funk and soul. A world traveler at  an early age as a military son, raised in Tennessee and immersed in gospel and Nashville songwriting traditions, now steeped in the rich Motown, Rock, Hip-Hop and Electronic legacy of his Motor City home — thirteen-time Detroit Music Award winner, Nadir Omowale’s, musical influences are countless, and Nadir’s music represents the evolution and celebration of an ancient blues credo, in that it tells stories from the heart, for the heart. It is also a reflection of all that is funky and joyful. The soulful vocals wrap up the entire package for an unforgettable listening and live experience.

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