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Bruce Giffin

Bruce Giffin is a self-employed photographer who "describes himself as painfully and agonizingly self taught, stating that photography has become the air that he breathes." He has been shooting photos in the city of Detroit for around 30 years, and says he enjoys it more every second and says that the digital revolution allows him to produce the best quality images of his life.   Giffin was selected as the Kresge Visual Arts Fellow - 2011 and is a graduate of Kent State University.  You can see more of his work on Facebook.

Robert Bielat

Robert Bielat has been creating sculpture for the past forty years. He’s considered a post-modern constructivist, working with the materials of the dying industrial rust belt in his area. His work has evolved throughout the years, but has always served as an interpretation of the tension between man and his environment--political, social, natural. His featured work is cast aluminum and bronze and includes steel objects and stone. They were created through a method of bi-metal casting which he’s refined over his career.

Sound Lab

Established in 2015, the ‘Studio of Infinite Possibilities: Sound Labs’ began in

Detroit from a donation from CT alum Big Sean and sponsored by Adidas, as a program

in which students exercised the process of making music and received guidance from

industry tastemakers culminating into an educational experience that promotes the

concept of creativity. The adidas Originals ‘Sound Labs’ are equipped with full audio

recording and mixing equipment, creating a space for students to maximize their

potential. Alongside their day-to-day curriculum which carries advanced education in business management, engineering and science, students will utilize the program to

heighten their understanding of the arts, teamwork and production tooling along with showcasing the value of self-expression and truly unlocking creativity.

The Music Industry Mock Program was developed by StarFactory Artist

Development founder, Brandon Smith, to educate students about the music industry and give them firsthand experience at mirroring several aspects of the real music industry.

The mock program will include budgets, deadlines, studio sessions, photo shoots, and a “culminating” concert and mixtape. 

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