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Charity Ward

Charity Ward grew up in Detroit. Here, early Negro Spirituals opened

her ears to music’s ability to connect; the soul music of the ‘70s

showed her how music can move the body. John Mayer’s guitar

guided her to explore her own instrument and fellow-Detroiter Stevie

Wonder taught her about the key of life. At 18, Charity left home for

Nashville, TN, where she studied Classical and Jazz guitar at

Tennessee State University. A historically black school, TSU provided

the young singer-songwriter with an opportunity to study both music

and her cultural heritage. Now graduated, Charity now focuses on her

music and teaches elementary-aged students with academic


Poor Man's Art Collective

Poor Man's Art Collective is a platform for unknown and emerging artists from visual to spoken word and art in all forms to showcase their talents, also to provide support and direction in navigating the process that allows their work to be shown (heard) to an otherwise untapped community and consumer market.

LSO Dance & Foundation

LaShelle's School of Dance  LSO Dance) was founded in the summer of 2004 in Detroit, MI.  Founder and CEO, Wilkanda “LaShelle” Goodman, began dancing at age three and continued all the way through college. In 2004, LOS Dance was created after Goodman realized that there were few dance and performing arts opportunities for inner-city youth. LaShelle's School of Dance (LSO) has remained committed to educating students of all ages in the art of dance at affordable prices. With over 200 students of various ages, skill levels and socio-economic backgrounds, they provide dancers with a variety of classes at minimal costs.      

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