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Jelly Estrada

Angelica “Jelly” Estrada is a Detroit native and has been producing art since she was old enough to spill a jar of paint. Her primary medium is acrylic and she specializes in custom orders, transforming memories or photographs into paintings. Jelly’s work has been featured in galleries and art shows across the metropolitan Detroit area, but her clientele stretches across the U.S.

Billicia Hines & The Black Theatre Program

One of the powerful plays presented at the Wayne State University Theatre Department’s Bonstelle Theatre this season was “Harriet Jacobs.”  This play tells the story of Harriet Jacobs, an escaped slave who was later freed.  It’s part of a series of shows overseen by the Billicia Hines, the Director of the Black Theatre program at Wayne State.

John Finan

John Finan is a folk/acoustic guitarist/singer/songwriter who has had a guitar in his hand since the age of six. John began performing in 1978 with original and cover bands, until the 1990’s, when he began performing as a solo artist and a side musician with Jere Stormer, Charlie Monterey, the Delta twins and more. John’s fifth CD is in production.

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