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Athena Johnson and Friends

Whether performing Hip Hop, singing Neo Soul, Jazz, Contemporary Gospel or Opera, the power behind Athena’s classically trained voice is both indescribable and undeniable. Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Athena developed a passion for the art of music as a young child and throughout the years she has performed with some of todays great jazz musicians like Nelson Rangell, Yancy, Alexander Zonjic, Melba Moore and Angela Bofill just to name a few.

Olayami Dabls

Olayami Dabls-- esteemed fine-artist, museum curator, and historian, has lectured extensively on African Material Culture to international audiences for over 30 years. As a curator, Dabls is a founding member of the African American Sports Hall of Fame, housed in the Wayne county building. He was also Artist-in- Residence at the Museum of African American History (1973-1982) as well as at the Detroit Psychiatric Institute (1985-1989). Dabls has served as Executive Director for the Rosa Parks Arts Center (1982-1984) as well as produced and hosted a radio program on WNEC4 (1978-1981).

Tene' Dismuke

The Wild Spirit Dance Company is a professional multicultural dance ensemble that performs and educates audiences on the sacred and powerful divine feminine through the art of traditional West African, hip hop, fitness, Zumba, Samba, yoga, and other cultural dances. Founded in June 2009 by the dance instructors at the House of Bastet LLC., an empowerment center focusing on healing through all forms of dance & movement. The House of Bastet describes itself as a movement and empowerment studio that uplifts and assists in the transformation of women of all ages through wellness, fitness, dance, yoga, modeling, and personal growth and development. They are dedicated to the
uplifting of the divine feminine power, serving all in reconnecting with your
beauty, strength, and power through the performing and healing arts.

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