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Whistle Stop Revue

The Whistle Stop Revue is Progressive/Bluegrass/Americana Band from Port Huron, Michigan.  The band is known for its unique and eclectic style, which fuses elements of bluegrass, blues, rock, country, jazz, and other forms of music in their live performances.

Richard Bennett

For over 30 years Richard Bennett & Associates a Detroit midtown based company has become known for high quality unique multimedia works. Bennett is a self-taught sculptor furniture designer. His works consist of a highly stylish line of

contemporary furniture and accessories for residential and commercial markets. Bennett has also executed a number of

public works that are exhibited in major cities around the world. His designs all seem lighter than the space they occupy,

a condition which has lead critics to observe that his works "flirt with gravity."

Tracy Halloran Pearson

ConteXture dance Detroit is a Detroit-based contemporary dance company that was

founded by its Artistic Director Tracy Halloran Pearson. ConteXture is a company

that is interested in cultural identity and the relationship between artistic expression and the human condition. Their dance works examine themes within human relationships in order to begin a dialogue regarding how and why we connect with one another. ConteXture’s mission is to create dances that express ideas that all people can relate to, but resonate with those who are passionate about social interactions and the human condition.

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