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Hugh Gall

Hugh hails from Montreal Quebec and is a graduate of the Canadian National Theatre School at John Abbott College

Michael Dion

Michael Dion “M80” is a Found Object Artist from Detroit. M80 has been collecting and making art since 1987. He is a

curbside picker who creates art out of discarded treasures. A local Detroit artist, M80, mixes architecture, reusing, and

creative recycling, transforming junk into interesting art. His studio is located in the Art Building at the Russell Industrial


Kevin B. Klein

Kevin B Klein also known as KBK is a Rock singer / songwriter who was born in Detroit

and raised in Michigan. A strong believer that life is music and music is life. His current album, entitled “Good Day to be Alive” is an album about his life that he feels is relatable to everyone. He is currently working on his follow up album and looking forward to some promising opportunities in the coming years. 

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