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Carly Bins

Ever since her first “gig” as a 6-year-old singing in her elementary school’s annual

talent show, Carly Bins has loved to perform. Now 16 and a metro Detroit high school junior, Carly is an accomplished singer-songwriter with a voice that’s a cross between Colbie Caillat, Melissa Etheridge and Taylor Swift. Her mature look and stage presence lead many people to believe she’s far older than her actual age.

While Carly writes mostly for her acoustic guitar, she also writes for and plays the

electric guitar and ukulele. When inspired, she is known to dabble a little on the piano.


 Go Comedy! Improv Theater is based on three principles: Integrity, Inspiration and Innovation. (Also known as the 3 I’s.)  We execute these principles for the benefit of the Audience, the Community and Ourselves.


Tyrone “Fly Ty” Hunter  was born in Alabama, but raised in Detroit, Michigan. He started sewing in 1997. Mostly known for designing high fashion wear with a twist of urban, he specializes in all types of fashionable clothing and loves designing formal elegant wear.


He has been showcased in many fashion shows over the past two years and is steadily gaining recognition not only in Detroit, but all over. FlyTy has his own set models he refers to as “his rocks” known to the public as FlyTy Models.


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