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Smith Shop

Founded in 2012, Smith Shop is a dynamic craft-centric metalworking studio based in Detroit, Michigan. Smith Shop produces quality metalwork of all descriptions specializing in the custom fabrication of gold, silver, copper, brass and steel while also producing limited-production wholesale runs ranging from jewelry to architectural hardware. In addition to its manufacturing business, Smith Shop offers access to its metalworking facilities at Ponyride (a noted Detroit creative entrepreneurial space) through classes, workshops, private lessons and studio rentals.

Monica Morgan

Detroit-based photographer, Monica Morgan has clients all over the world. Her work has been featured in publications such as the Associated Press Worldwide, Newsweek-Japan, Ebony, Jet and In Touch Weekly. Morgan was named one of Detroit's most influential women and former mayor, Coleman A. Young named her Detroit's best photographer and a "sure shot". Morgan has done work for world leaders such as Rosa Parks, President Obama and chronicled Nelson Mandela's journey from his inauguration to his retirement.

Red Tape Riot

Red Tape Riot is an original band that offers a unique brand of hard working/well thought out Indie rock from Detroit, Michigan. Red Tape Riot was formed at the beginning of 2012 as a four piece Indie band. The official launch was in July 2012.
 Its thick, layered musical arrangements, driven guitars and gritty musical performances led by two lead vocalists have powered this band to success in a cut throat, blue collar music town. RTR has a sound that is unlike any other band on the market today, yet main-stream enough to capture an audience on your local dial. They peaked at #25 in the world among indie artists on

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