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Karen Prall

Karen Prall is a dance instructor at Wayne State University and the creator of the Tosangana African dance troupe.  A native Detroiter, she began Classical Modern dance training under Ms. Kathryn G. Ellis. She studied Dunham and Horton technique under Mrs. Penny Godboldo

Her extensive research and training includes study in Brazzaville, Congo-Paris; Dakar, Senegal-Monrovia, Liberia; Accra, Ghana and Mexico. Her passion and dedication to the local and global community as a performer, choreographer and instructor is evidenced in her ongoing creative and educational work.

Ed Kelly

Ed Kelly is an actor based in Metro Detroit. Within 25 years, Kelly has performed on stage, TV and in film. Kelly's most notable work in the Metro Detroit area is the voice of Belle Tire. Kelly has lent his voice to many campaigns including Lincoln, Pepsi and the U.S. Navy.

Cass Technical Highschool
Harp and Vocal Ensemble

The Cass Technical High School Harp and Vocal Ensemble was organized in 1926 as a concert group for educational purposes. Under the leadership of the Legendary Velma Froude for 43 years, the ensemble received local, national and international acclaim for its extremely high caliber for musicianship and performance, and its alumni perform all over the world. The Director from 1976-2007 was Mrs. Patricia Terry Ross, a former student of the Cass Tech Harp and Vocal. As of 2007 the Director is Ms. Lydia Cleaver, also a former Harp and Vocal student. Harp and Vocal is an auditioned group, rehearsals are daily and continue to be in great demand. 2014 marks the 88th Anniversary of the


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