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Roshaun Page

ROSHAUN AKEEM PAGE is founder and President of It's a R.A.P. Production, LLC, a fully functional production company based in Michigan that specializes in film production, industrial videos, commercials and music videos.

Roshaun’s background is in acting where he has done several shorts and features as lead and supporting characters. He can be seen in the indie wrestling drama "Win By Fall" alongside 3 time UFC Champion Dan “The Beast” Severn.

Kristin Adamczyk

Kristin Adamczyk is a Detroit graffiti artist and photographer that does murals, prints and various forms of art in addition to commercial work.

Little Animal

Little Animal is an electronic duo from Detroit, MI consisting of Singer/Creature
Whisperer Rachelle Baker and Producer/ Sound Wizard Nick Morrow. Together, they make sexy music for ghosts and, occasionally, humans to dance to.

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