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Steven Karageaness

Steven Karageanes, D.O is committed to providing sports medicine to the performing arts community. He is also an established Actor, Director, Screenwriter and Producer and has been recognized by film associations such as the Action on Film International Film Festival, USA and
the Accolade Competition.


Detroit Fiber Works

Detroit Fiber Works offers beautiful, unique, handcrafted adornments for body and home in a range of mediums and price points. Co-owners Najma and Manis teach fiber art techniques in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere - everything from felting, eco-dyeing, printing on fabric, and more!

Briar Rabbit

Briar Rabbit is a gifted songwriter who happens to be the nephew of BB King. Whether singing about heartbreak, following dreams, or historical fiction; his perspective coupled with his command of language is incredible. It's no surprise in 2013, he won an International Songwriting Award.

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