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Cameron Cullers

A musician and story teller who seeks to expand and contribute to the forevergrowing world of the performing arts all while touching the heart and soul.

Donna Terwilliger

Donna Terwilliger is a self-taught special effects makeup artist who specializes insilicone prosthetics. Donna’s work can be seen in other feature films like “13th Sign” and “Zombie Apocalypse: Redemption”. She has also worked on various short films from around the metro Detroit and Pontiac area. More can be seen on her IMDB page.

Kristy Faulkner

Kristi Faulkner is the Artistic Director of Kristi Faulkner Dance – a multidisciplinary movement company that thrives on collaboration, blurring the lines between audience and performer, and exploring the intersection of both visual and aural experiences in unconventional performance spaces. Through live performance and dance for the camera, Faulkner strives to create work that generates meaningful conversation and social exchange.


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