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World Threat Dance Crew

World Threat Dance Crew specializes in the Detroit dance style of Jit. As the undefeated 2014 Jit Wars Champions, they have performed at numerous events in and around Metro Detroit. World Threat Dance Crew also appeared in a documentary about the originators of the dance style and in a New York Times article on the revitalization of jit. Currently, World Threat Dance Crew works with Jit USA, an academy dedicated to jitting.

Sit On It Detroit

Detroit lacks seating at bus stops. More than half of the bus stops in the city are without benches. Sit On It is an effort to fill this void by creating benches out of reclaimed wood from abandoned houses and businesses within the city. . Each bench will have a built-in bookshelf with a plexiglass covering. An initial donation of books will stock the shelves. Citizens are encouraged to read, borrow, and donate books. The network of benches will act as a free library.

Touch the Clouds

Touch the Clouds is project featuring members of Few and Far Between, Red Iron Orchestra and Lovesick. Influenced by bands like the Foo Fighters, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Pixies and Fugazi among many others, TTC plays organic guitar-centric indie rock with melodic, emphatic vocals. The band is completely DIY and follows the path cut for them by the punk rock community that they grew up in. They write, record and produce everything on their own, yet sound as big and as polished as the bands that have a 'machine' working behind them. Hard work and tireless devotion to their craft keep this new band moving ever forward.

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