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Pamela Wise

Pianist, composer, and 2016 Kresge Artist Fellow Awardee, 2019 Art XD Kresge Awardee, Pamela Wise Harrison's music comes from the motivation, inspiration, passion and vision of tracing the music of her African ancestors. Drum rhythms and patterns are the basis of her work, with a specific focus on West Africa, including Congo, Mali, Benin and Nigeria. Her work is often polyrhythmic, utilizing odd meter time signatures and identifiable elements in African Music. Pamela has multiple internationally-recognized albums to her credit, including, A NEW MESSAGE FROM THE TRIBE (2017)  KINDRED SPIRITS (2015) PAMELA'S CLUB (2007) NEGRE CON LECHE (2002) and SONGO FESTIVIDAD (1994). Pamela's work has been showcased on collaborative works with saxophonist Dave McMurray, Violinist Regina Carter, Saxophonist Wendell Harrison and vocalist Naima Shamborguer. Her compositions have twice earned her the Creative Artist Award from the Arts foundation of Michigan.

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Jim Williams
Jim Williams.jpg

Jim Williams is a retired self-taught impressionist realist painter. After a 23-year career as a social worker in foster homes and in delinquency, the painter dedicates his time to painting landscapes of places he has visited. His most famous oil paintings depict brilliantly iconic places in and around Detroit. Nevertheless, the artist seeks to offer a different perspective by adding his personal experience and fantasy to his works in order to touch the sensibility of the viewer.


In addition to his paintings, Jim Williams is an instructor-creator of youth art programs in Detroit. In recent years, he has also participated in additional studies at the Birmingham-Bloomfield Art Center.

Erica Hobson
Erica Hobson.jpg

LUFF is derived from creator, Erica Hobson’s, lifetime love of fashion and art. Due to her passion and lack of representation of female black designers, she founded her clothing brand, “LUFF”.  LUFF is a clothing brand comprised of exclusive custom transitional wear made by hand. With the use of unconventional fabrics for everyday wear, products will last a lifetime. In less than a year, LUFF has been featured in several fashion shows displaying collections inspired by Impressionism and Post- Impressionism. Her debut collection was inspired by Van Gogh’s “Almond Blossom”. From there she has created a niche of displaying designs as “Walking Art”. LUFF inspires to be a staple in the fashion industry. Erica has found her freedom through LUFF. Love U. Find. Freedom. For more information visit, or @beinluff on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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